Thursday, February 5, 2009

5 Ways to Green Your Windows for Under 30 Bucks - from

Here are five cheap ways of reducing the amount of heat that seeps out of your windows.

By Josh Peterson

Many of us cannot afford to replace our windows with state-of-the-art, energy-efficient windows. The economy is bad. Sure, it's also bad for window makers, but as long as there are baseballs and other projectiles, I reckon they'll weather this rocky economy. And other people live in apartments. They are not allowed to replace their windows. Even if their utilities are paid, they may want to go green and reduce energy use without spending a lot of money. Whether you are an apartment dweller, energy-reducer or a money-saver, you have all the reasons you need to green your windows.

  • Keep your curtains shut at night and open during the day.
    Let the sun shine in, but keep the cold out.

    Cost: Zero dollars.

  • Make Repairs
    You might find yourself with a loose window pane or a stuck-open window. These problems can be fixed with items around the house. If you don't have any tools or caulk, those materials may cost you money (or borrow them free from a tool library. You can replace a broken pane for under fifty bucks. Just reclaim an intact pane from an abandoned house or get one from the dump. Unbroken panes in the dump may be hard to find. A salvage yard may have unbroken windows for under fifty bucks. That's what that mean dog is for.

    Cost: Possibly Zero.

  • Plastic Window Insulation
    You'll need a knife and a hair dryer to install this. Simply place plastic against window. Shrink with dryer. Cut excess away with a knife.

    Cost: About Ten dollars.

  • Weather Stripping
    With the aid of a kit, you can add weather stripping to your existing windows to keep the cold out.

    Cost: Under 20 Dollars

  • Purchase Blackout Curtains, Cellular Blinds or Quilted Drapes
    Make sure to purchase these products so that they fit your windows, snugly. Otherwise you will be wasting your money.

    Cost: Under 30 Dollars.

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