Thursday, May 14, 2009

More on our survey

The additional personal responses are even more interesting than the survey itself.
A few points I want to make:

I think it is crucial that we supplement our current birding activities with education and advocacy in order to expand our membership and create a sustainable organization for the future.

It's not my intention to remake Fresno Audubon into the Sierra Club. Audubon is moderate, credible, and respected - the Sierra Club, in many corners, is not considered moderate, credible, and respected. If I wanted to be involved with an organization identical to the Sierra Club I would resign and join that group.

People give money and other forms of support to organizations that do things.
I'd like to see Audubon fill the local void and speak out on the issues that matter, educate the public about important issues, improve local habitat, and contribute in a significant way to science. With these things plus our traditional birding activities I think that we can grow our organization.

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