Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Help us count Yellow-billed Magpies June 5-8 (This Weekend!)

The Yellow-billed Magpie is one of California’s most striking birds. Popular among birders and compelling among conservationists, the bird lives only in California’s Central Valley and coastal ranges. For a variety of reasons – including habitat loss, poison, and West Nile Virus – the Yellow-billed Magpie population has found itself at risk in recent years, and it is now an Audubon Watchlist species.

If we want to help the Yellow-billed Magpie survive, we need to know where it is living and in what numbers. And that’s where you can help. Audubon California is sponsoring a four-day statewide survey of Yellow-billed Magpies enlisted the help of volunteer birders.

Taking part is simple: All you need to do is log into eBird and record your observations. You don’t need to survey on all four days to take part – just go out when you can and let us know what you see and where.

Shortly after the survey, we’ll tally up the results and every participant will receive a report of the findings. Audubon California will use these findings to guide our conservation efforts for this bird.

More info.

Email me at and I can give you a few ideas of where you can find these birds.

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