Saturday, September 26, 2009

Nest Box Initiative Progress Report

Roughly seven months ago I introduced our nest box program which had the goal of partnering with farmers and others to install nest boxes on their land.

Here's where we are at so far:

-Approximately 1,100 board feet of wood donated.

-$550 donated by farmers in response to our efforts

-Donations(lumber and cash) by:
- Fairless Farms(Caruthers)
- Don Cameron of Terranova Ranch(Helm)
- Southern California Edison - Steve Byrd
- Moss Lumber Co.

Farmers and other recipients
-McFarlane Farms(Sanger) - Citrus and Almonds
-Fairless Farms(Caruthers) - Raisins
-Richard Walker(Lindsay) - Citrus
-Don Cameron(Helm) - Diversified farmer/organic and conventional
-Shaun(Caruthers) - Raisins and Almonds
-Peter Filippi(Sanger) - Citrus etc.
-Il Giardino Farms - Organic vegetables
-CSUF Ag Lab
-San Joaquin River Parkway Trust - Jensen River Ranch property
-Hudson Farms(Sanger) - Peaches

Media Coverage
- KMJ Farm Report
- Fresno County Farm Bureau Friday Follow-up
- The Grower (potential)
- Western Ag Press (potential)

Species Affected:
- Wood Duck
- Tree Swallow
- Kestrel
- Barn Owl
- Burrowing Owl

Number of Boxes
- In a few weeks we will be hitting 100 boxes

Number of Non-Members who Built
- 14 at roughly six boxes each

Members and others who built or helped in other ways:
-Carl Davies
-Ronald DuBois
-Brandon Hill
-Ed Case
-Ken and Sandi Schulte
-Ruben and Mary Rodriguez
-Wilfred Laemmlen
-Diane DuBois
-Jeff Davis
-Liz Hudson (Fresno County Farm Bureau)

Thanks to everyone for their help! If I missed anyone I apologize and please let me know I missed you.

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