Sunday, February 28, 2010

Volunteer Opportunities

We have a few opportunities for you to give a bit of your time to local conservation efforts:

Bird-a-thon Co-chair: If any of you have children/grandchildren you surely know about jog-a-thons and other such fundraisers for schools. The bird-a-thon is similar in that sponsors can make a per bird pledge or a flat amount for a donation. This is a great fundraiser because it acts as a means to recruit new members, we get "paid" for doing what we love, and we are asking new people to give money. I basically need someone to drum up support for this at meetings, trips, etc. We are also looking for just good ol' participants.If you are interested: contact me. I have all of the materials ready to go - I just need someone to champion the cause.

Supporters' BBQ Co-chair:
We typically hold an annual potluck, but this year I would like to add a special twist. The purpose is to thank all of the great people that have helped us out in some way(we'll probably give out awards to some of the more prominent supporters). I need help identifying a good venue, sending out invitations, and coordinating food. The event won't be anything fancy - just a nice picnic and a chance for people to socialize and be appreciated for their contributions

Volunteers for Panoche Valley Clean-up:
We postponed this event due to rain and other factors. The new date is to be determined, but we are hoping to expand our efforts on the new date to include some habitat enhancement work on nearby BLM/DFG lands. Like before, birding and a light lunch are part of the deal. I will send out the date as soon as I get it.

Wood Duck Boxes: Thanks to all who volunteered! We had more than enough volunteers for this particular project so we didn't need all of your services. There will be opportunities in the future for Tree Swallow and Bat Boxes so I will keep in mind those people who volunteered.

Field Trip leader needed: The River Parkway Trust would like someone to lead a bird walk the morning of April 17th at the Coke Hallowell Center in conjunction with their Festival of Feathers.

Thanks! Contact me at for details on any of the above.

-Brandon Hill

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