Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pilot project encourages rice, wildlife in Sacramento Valley

A productive partnership between ag and conservationsists:

A California rice industry-wildlife development pilot project underway in the Sacramento Valley is a prime example of farmers and environmental groups partnering to achieve mutual long-term goals.

The pilot program, underway in part at the Davis Ranch operated by the Sycamore Family Trust in Colusa County, is designed to tweak rice production management to spur habitat and wildlife expansion in the epicenter of California’s rice industry.

Among the major players include the California Rice Commission, PRBO Conservation Science, Audubon California, and The Nature Conservancy.

The $1.3 billion California rice industry wants to further improve its commitment to wildlife habitat development in part to maintain support for flooded rice production. Environmentalists view the rice industry as a natural gateway to improve and expand the habitats and populations of critters.

By Cary Blake. Full article at Western Farm Press

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