Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fresno: Become a Citizen Scientists! FREE & Now Enrolling.

Many of you may have read the recent article on Citizen Science by Jordan Wellwood from Audubon CA in the latest edition of the Fresno Audubon YELLOWBILL. If not check it out. It's quick but important.

Citizen Science is not just for techies, science nerds, or lifelong birders. It can be a lot of different things to different people depending on the project and its goals. Citizen Science is educational, fun, social, and interactive. Importantly, Citizen Science provides opportunities for community building and engagement for all ages-interests-and abilities, can inform disciplines with data virtually unobtainable by any other means, and can provide a friendly and welcoming first experience into activities and subjects dominated by experts.

Fresno Audubon supports Citizen Science and invites community members of all ages, expert and casual/beginning-birders, to participate in local opportunities. Citizen Science projects supported by Fresno Audubon include the Lost Lake Christmas Bird Count (2010 data), Great Backyard Bird Count, FBC-Spring Bird Count, eBrid Program, and nest box bird monitoring.

Join us Monday March 21st for a program on the global Citizen Science project eBird. Project Leader Brian Sullivan will be covering the eBird website, how to's, and bird identification. Participate, become a Citizen Scientists, and support a healthy and sustainable Central Valley Sierra foothill environment for people, birds, and other wildlife.

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