Friday, March 18, 2011

Fresno Audubon Collaborates with Cub Scouts

On the afternoon of March 14th I joined a local Cub Scouts group out at Bud Rank Elementary, at 168 and Shepard, for a bird watching tour and feeder construction workshop. The group was comprised of approximately 15 Cub Scouts and a few parents who were interested in an experience that would be fun, educational, and promote stewardship for the environment.

Half the group joined me and a few chaperons around campus and into the surrounding neighborhood for some light birdwatching while the other half stayed behind to construct milk-carton bird feeders. The Cub Scouts planned to display the feeders in their yards to observe and record bird numbers and diversity. Common species such as Black Birds, Sea Gulls, and Doves excited everyone on our tour and sparked genuine interest in learning about birds and their role in the web of life. All youth had a set of binoculars and excitedly scanned the horizon hurriedly focusing to catch a glimpse of the new, rare, and exotic. A number of Cub Scouts were particularly interested the sketches, calls, and distribution maps from the Sibley app on my iPhone.

Engaging youth in constructive outdoor opportunities such as these is critical for our communities and the environment as it promotes:
  • Enjoyment for Nature
  • Greater Interest in Birds
  • Hands-On Interactive Educational & Social Opportunities
  • Understanding of Birds as Indicator Species for Environmental Health
  • Conservation of Birds & their Habitats

The afternoon event wrapped up quickly with tentative plans for Fresno Audubon and the Bud Rank Elementary Cub Scouts to collaborate soon in creating future opportunities for youth to connect in an outdoor setting.

If interested in volunteering with Fresno Audubon to provide continued and enhanced opportunities for youth to connect with the outdoors in our Youth Birding Program please contact:

Matt Wilkes, or (559) 715-2473

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